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The Great Brunch Debate

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It is not just the assortment of delectable breakfast cuisine or the pop and flow of champagne splashed around the table. Brunch is the sharing of wild adventures that have left us speechless, the random bump ins from neighbors and co-workers, and that about time to find out about that oh so familiar face. Brunch leaves the party music throwing together mixtures of the Foundations, Biz Markie, and even Meghan Trainor giving an upbeat groove that makes more than just our hips move. With an event that throws the script out the window, why are we left waiting for Sunday to come around and have this one chance to crack a smile because these are the moments we live for? Sitting down tinkering with our emotions we have felt the grumble, lived the struggle, and realized the desire, no the absolute need, to go further to not leave Sundays out alone. The illustrious brunch is coming to the Park on Saturdays..